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Setting the agenda


December 2015
Progressively Building Capacity in Lebanon’s Oil and Gas Sector

November 2015
Announcing the “Rules of the Game” for Better Transparency in Lebanon’s Petroleum Bidding Process

November 2015
اصدار جديد: السلطات المحلية والخدمات العامة: تقييم اللامركزية في العالم العربي

October 2015
الكهرباء في الحقبة الأولى للاستقلال في لبنان

September 2015
Electricity in Early Independence Lebanon

September 2015
Needa Al Ard: A Homegrown Waste Management Initiative

August 2015
نداء الأرض: مبادرة محلية لإدارة النفايات

July 2015
Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Governance

June 2015
في العودة إلى تاريخ مؤسسات الدولة اللبنانية خلال السنوات الأولى بعد الانتداب

June 2015
ضرورة تغيير الذهنية نحو المأسسة في العمل المحلي

May 2015
Then and Now: Lebanese State Institutions During the Early Years of Independence

May 2015
Clientelism as the Link between Voters and Political Parties

March 2015
O&G advocacy series: Consensus in decision-making

February 2015
The Importance of a Strategic Plan and Clear Vision to Local Development

January 2015
أهمية الخطة الاستراتيجية والرؤيا الواضحة لتحقيق التنمية المحلية

January 2015
O&G advocacy series: Opening Lines of Communication with Policymakers


November 2012
Drafting a Decentralization Law

October 2012
Advocating Reform to Avert the Resource Curse

August 2012
Thank You for Your Support

July 2012
Help Support LCPS

March 2012
Decentralization: Calling for Regional Councils

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