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January 01, 1994
Report on the Needs for Housing and Urban Management Training Assistance in the South and the Shouf

A study focused on the critical housing and infrastructural needs in the South and the Shouf, two of the areas of Lebanon most damaged by war. It addresses housing, infrastructure, vocational training, and urban management in Lebanon and is based on a review of existing documents, reports, and interviews of heads of municipalities in the South.
A report produced on the study first recommends the re-establishment of a HABITAT technical housing advisory unit which would monitor house reconstruction, ensure compliance with grant and loan agreements, supervise the technical reconstruction of houses, and provide on the job vocational and managerial training related to the construction trades and construction entrepreneurs. It secondly analyzes the condition of municipalities and the needs of the Ministry of Municipal and Village Affairs, listing the various problems and needs relating to the dilapidated municipal network in Lebanon. The report finishes with several concrete project proposals that draw attention to pressing needs and aim to garner funding for their implementation. After publication, these proposals were discussed with the concerned institutions of the Lebanese government.
This study was conducted with the cooperation and sponsorship of the United Nations Center for Human Settlements and HABITAT.

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