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November 2012| Nisreen Salti
Political Instability Costs Lebanon 5% of its GDP
In the last six years, Lebanon has experienced both war and political instability, including assassinations, bombings, sit-ins, demonstrations, government resignation, and armed clashes.
This paper examines the impact of political...

November 2012| Mary Kawar and Zafiris Tzannatos
Private Sector Does not Demand Enough Skilled Labor
Lebanon suffers from a 24% youth unemployment rate, which hinders economic growth and the formation of an inclusive society. Two major culprits of youth unemployment are the inequality of the

September 2012| Sami Atallah
Establishing Regional Administrations for Integrated Development
To enhance democratic participation that leads to integrated development, this policy brief argues that the government must establish elected regional councils endowed with the mandate and the fiscal authority to...

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