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July 2017| Nancy Ezzeddine
Lebanon’s Machinery Sector Key to Future Development
Lebanon’s machinery sector is among the largest contributors to industrial output in the country and contains high-complexity products that could serve as a springboard for jumping into new products that...

June 2017| Nancy Ezzeddine
Diversifying Lebanon's Low-Complexity Wood Sector
Despite Lebanon’s limited diversification outlook, the country has the potential to benefit from existing productive knowledge present in the wood sector. The sector requires restructuring and support as currently the wood...

May 2017| Nancy Ezzeddine
Transformative Chemical Sector Hampers Development Opportunities
The chemical sector is considered to be one of the most diversified industrial sectors in Lebanon and could prove key in the future development of the country. Despite its potential,...

May 2017
Making Aid to Jordan and Lebanon Work
With the Syrian crisis now in its seventh year, countries neighboring Syria have been significantly impacted by spillovers related to the conflict, including an influx of refugees that has in...

April 2017| Nancy Ezzeddine
Missed Opportunities amid Great Potential in the Agro Food Sector
Like many developing countries, the product space reveals that Lebanon has an important presence in the agro food sector. The products that dominate the sector’s production are generally low-complexity products...

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