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March 01, 2001
Regional Social Protection in an Insecure Era: A South-South Exchange on Alternative Social Policies Responses to Globalization

Maurice Abu Nader
Filomeno Sta. Ana III
Namratta Bali
Soonil Bark
Fouad Benseddik
Iman Bibars
Francis Blain
Sarah Cook
Bob Deacon
Assaad Diab
Yves de San
Heba El-Kholy
Salwa Gomaa
Yao Graham
Mustapha Kamel
George Kosseifi
Sonia Maria
Salim Nasr
Manuel Riesco Larraín
Sonia Maria Rodriguez da Rocha
Musa Shteiwi
Vivienne Taylor
Enrique Vasquez
Roxana Víquez Salazar
Sergei Zelenev
Yan Zhongxing


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