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March 01, 2012
Decentralization: Calling for Regional Councils

The over-emphasis on municipalities in the current debate on decentralization misses the point. Most municipalities are too small, have weak administration, are short on resources, and are constrained by excessive procedures to deliver services. We think that the debate should shift to regional councils that are larger than unions and qadas. In this vein, we need to establish regional councils that serve developmental needs and re-think of the roles, responsibilities, and fiscal authority of municipalities and unions. 
With this in mind, LCPS:
1. Held a conference in December 22, 2011 to debate the role of regional governments with Municipal Unions Presidents, experts, and scholars.
2. Is launching a policy brief calling for the establishment of regional councils.
3. Is planning to examine the performance of unions in delivering services and enhancing development.

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