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December 15, 2017
Watch Alexandra Gillies’s talk on “Twelve Red Flags of Corruption in Licensing and Awarding Contracts

For those who missed the opportunity to attend the 31 October 2017 talk in Beirut by Dr. Alexandra Gillies discussing a recently published report she co-authored titled “Twelve Red Flags of Corruption in Licensing and Awarding Contracts”, the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies has posted a video of her presentation in its entirety online. Dr. Gillies is a specialist on natural resource governance and transparency, specifically on extractive sector transparency standards, governance challenges associated with national oil companies and commodity trading, and the Nigerian oil sector. Dr. Gillies’s talk focused on information and indicators highlighted in the “Twelve Red Flags” report that can be used to determine whether corruption has occurred in a state’s oil, gas, or mining sectors. Dr. Gillies and her co-authors argue that these factors should be taken into consideration by a range of stakeholders across the sector, be they government officials, legislators, law enforcement, extractive company officials, journalists, and members of civil society, all with the aim of guarding against behaviors associated with corruption as well as poor decision-making leading to controversial and inefficient policy prescriptions.

Access video here

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