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December 01, 1995
Abaad: No. 4, December 1995

Table of Contents Editorials Dimension of the peace process and the outlines of the new Middle East Paul Salem An overview of the Palestinian question Fares Abi Saab Theme: The Arab World and The Prospects of a Regional Settlement: Challenges and Risks The Arab-Israeli peace: motives and courses Shafiq Ghabra The Impact of a regional settlement on the Palestinian people Shafiq al-Hout The Impact of a peace settlement on Jordan Muhsin Makharmeh The Egyptian-Israeli stettlement: circumstances and results Hasan Nafaa The GCC and anticipated regional changes Shamlan al-Issa The Union of Arab Maghirb and the challenges of the regional peace settlement Abdel Ilah Bakhaziz The Future of the Mashriq after the regional resolution George Jabbour The Political challenges of a regional order George Deeb The Economic challenges of a settlement Najib Issa The Security Dimension of a new regional order Haitham al-Kilani The Arab world and the cultural challenges of a settlement Elias Khoury The Western view of the political role of the new regional order Rex Brinan The Western view of the economic role of the new regional order Atif Kubursi Studies Balance in Lebanon: an analytic study Salah Gallab The Erosion of the legitimacy of the Arab state: the Egyptian case Ahmad Tabet Islamisn and postmodernism Haldun Gulap Book Reviews Richard Barnet and John Gavanagh, Global Dreams Afif Farraj Ramzi Zaki, Despotic liberalism Fat'hi Abou al-Fadl Olivier de Solages, Successes and Failures of Development in the Third World Ghassan al-Ezzi Cartoons

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