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June 01, 1997
Abaad: No. 6, June 1997

                                                                      Table of Contents

Editorials Poverty and Socio-Economic Policy in Lebanon Paul Salem The State of Social Strata and the Future of Lebanon Fares Abi Saab Theme: Class Differences in Lebanon The Political and Social Impact of Social Strata Antoine Haddad Towards a Sustainable Economic Policy Boutrous Labaki Financial Markets and their Impact on the Economic Sectors Youssef al-Khalil Financial Markets and their Future Role Ghaleb Abou Musleh Expenditures and their Impact on Society and Development Ghassan Dibeh The Impact of Wages and Income Policies on Social Strata Kamal Hamdan The Formation of a Political Strata after the War Fawaz Traboulsi New Horizons for the Lebanese Economy Antoine Shoueiri Social Security Policy and its Role in Wealth Distribution Adeeb Ne’meh Social Security and Development Abd-Alhalim Houreibeh The Role of Social Security in Income Distribution Amer Abd-Almalak Studies How many Manifestations does the Lebanese King Have? Ahmad Beydoun A Revolution in and through Science: Between Roger Garaudy and Paul Kennedy Affif Farraj The Arabs and the Confrontation with a Cultural Era Ali Daher From Public Space to Closed Circles Nahawand al-Kadiri Issa The International Labor Organization: Between Legal Procedures and Ambitions George Saad Interview Interview with Ghada al-Samman Book Reviews Lebanon’s first Elections after the War George Sharaf Between Power and Authority Walid Moubarak The World Order and the Crisis of the State Ghassan al-Izzi Cartoons

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