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October 01, 1998
Abaad: No. 8, October 1998

                                                                      Table of Contents

Editorial Environmental Challenges of the New Reign Paul Salem Theme: The Environment in Lebanon The Role of Fertilisers and Pesticides in the Pollution of the Environment and Foods in Lebanon Nasri Kawar Dried and Canned Food in Nutrition and Their Impact on Health Raja Tannous The Spread of Quarrying and its Impact on the Environment Hany Abou Fadel The Destruction of Lebanon’s Patrimony Jad Tabet The Environment and Reconstruction Kamal Feghali The Role of Civil Associations in the Protection of the Environment Shady Hamade Environmentalism and the New Educational Curriculum Mustapha Yaghi The Experience of Nature Reserves in Lebanon: How to Improve and Expand them Fayssal Abu Ezzedine The Role of the State, State Institutions, and Municipalities in Environmental Protection Hyam Mallat The Role of the Ministry of Environment in Environmental Management Ali Habhab Requirements and Perspectives of Environmental Management Abdallah Dah and Hussein Hyjazi Perspectives and Opportunities of Energy Recycling in Lebanon Riad Chedid Towards the Development of the Conditions for Sustainable Development in Lebanon Mohammad Khawli Developing an Urban Plan to Protect the Environment Assem Slam The Role of Architecture and Urbanism in the Protection of Patrimony and Environment Ata Jabbour Developing Laws to Protect the Environment Abdallah Zakhia Recommendations Studies The Political Abuse of the Lebanese Syndicalist Movement Jack Kabanjy Arab Civil Society under Pressure: The Crisis of Unions in Egypt Ahmad Tabet Transformations of the City: Beirut, Architecture, Economy and Society Hoda Rizk The Arabs and the Inevitability of Modernism< Fares Abi Saab Book Reviews The Problem of Linguistic Conventions -Youssef Zeidan et al Ali Mahmoud Abdel Saleh and Mohammad Abdel Aziz Mohammad Political Violence in Egypt - Hassan Bakr Salah Ibrahim Cartoons

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