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December 01, 2006
Abaad: No. 10, December 2006

                                                                      Table of Contents

The Arab Regional Order under Construction
Oussama Safa

Theme: The Future of the Arab Regional Order: Disarray or Revival
The Arab Regional Order in the Light of the Regional and International Challenges
Raghid El-Solh
The Cultural Dimension in the Revival of the Arab Regional Order
El- Sayyed Yassine
Towards a New Role for Arab Diplomacy in International Relations
Akl Keyrouz
The Role of Opposition Movements in the Renewal of the Arab Order
Hassanein Toufic Ibrahim
The Arab League and the Challenges of Reform
Mohammad Jamal Barout
Civil Society and Reform: The Case of Women Movements in Algeria
Arous Zoubir

The End of the Line: Lebanon and the Geopolitics of Energy Transit
Hani Asfour
The Role of the Family in the Political Socialization of the Lebanese Youth
Mona Bacha

Book Reviews
The End of Poverty: Economic Possibilities for our Time (Jeffrey Sachs)
Eliane Tabet
If I Was Jewish (Nasri El Sayegh)
Elias Mehanna

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