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March 01, 2007
Abaad: No. 11, March 2007

                                                                      Table of Contents

Reform in Lebanon: From Reconstruction to Renaissance
Oussama Safa

Theme: Towards a New Lebanese Renaissance: The Challenges and the Possibilities
Development in a polarized society: Looking at Economic and Social Development in Lebanon through a Different Lens
Khalil Gebara and Jad Cha’ban
A Vision for Rebuilding the Lebanese State: From Fragmentation towards Pluralism
Karim El-Mufti
A Road Map to Economic Reform: A Critical Outlook and the Prospects of Reform (1) & (2)
Abdel Halim Fadlallah
Creating Lasting Peace in Divided Societies: Options for Electoral Design
Hermann Thiel
The Lebanese Defense Strategy in the Aftermath of the 2006 July War
Mustapha Adib
Towards a more Effective Role for Scientific Research in the Process of Public Policy Making
Adib Nehmeh

The Impact of the July War on the Environment in Lebanon
Mounir Abou Ghanem

The Reconstruction of War Targeted Areas
Maha Yahya

Women Quota in the Suggested Electoral Law in Lebanon: A Legal Crisis or a Democratic Turn? (1) & (2)
Mark Makary

Book Reviews
Failed States: Abuse of Power and Assault on Democracy (Noam Chomsky)
Ikbal El Shayeb-Ghanem
Neopatriarchy: A Theory of Distorted Change in Arab Society (Hisham Charabi)
Jamil Moawad

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