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May 18, 2017 | English and Arabic | Nancy Ezzeddine
Transformative Chemical Sector Hampers Development Opportunities

The chemical sector is considered to be one of the most diversified industrial sectors in Lebanon and could prove key in the future development of the country. Despite its potential, the chemical sector requires serious reform and support. Due to several competitive disadvantages—notably a lack of technical human capital, non-supportive industrial policies, and a lack of capacity to safely produce high-risk chemicals—the chemical sector has remained concentrated in the production of specialty chemicals spanning the end of the value chain. This brief identifies a number of sectoral priorities that can guide discussions between the public and private sectors, including supporting innovative industrial policies to bolster diversification and promote expansion across the value chain; spurring academic and institutional developments aimed at creating a source of human expertise for the sector to draw on; and encouraging technical research and development to identify and foster innovation aimed at producing high-end chemicals.

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