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November 01, 2018 | English and Arabic | Sami Atallah, Mounir Mahmalat and Sami Zoughaib
CEDRE Conference: The Need for a Strong Reporting Mechanism

The CEDRE conference provided yet another opportunity for Lebanon to spur investment in its heavily strained infrastructure. The Government of Lebanon managed to secure pledges worth $11 billion in return for the implementation of a structural reform program. Yet, the inability of the government to uphold reform promises made at past donor conferences raises serious questions regarding its credibility in undertaking reform. Looking at the Paris III conference, this policy brief maps out promised reform measures and examines the quality of progress reporting by the government. We demonstrate how limited the success of the reform program was, as less than one-quarter of it was implemented at the end of the reporting period. The quality of reporting was exceptionally low and served as a means by which the government diluted accountability. To avoid the same fate, the government must be pressured by domestic actors as well as the international community to properly and accurately report its progress in order to ensure that promised reforms made at the CEDRE conference will be implemented.

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