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July 13, 2021 | 17 Pages | English | Daniel Garrote Sánchez
Interactions and Attitudes between Lebanese and Syrian Communities in Lebanese Municipalities

The presence of a large Syrian refugee population in Lebanon has had numerous impacts on the Lebanese economy and society. One main area of concern regards social cohesion between the local hosts and Syrian refugee communities. Various studies have suggested different, sometimes conflicting, theories on how the two communities engage with one another and what forms of interaction improve or hinder social cohesion. In order to better understand the dynamics and attitudes of the two communities, LCPS conducted in 2018 a survey of host and refugee communities in three mid-sized cities in Lebanon: Saida, Zahle, and Halba. Through the survey, we find numerous variations in attitudes between and among the two communities, as well as variations across the different municipalities arising from varying geographic, economic, and confessional factors. The policy brief concludes with recommendations on how to better improve social cohesion and move toward cooperation between the two communities. 

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