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A Study of the Needs and Opportunities for Skilled Workers in Lebanon


A Market Study Evaluating the Competitiveness of the Lebanese Textile


Algeria’s Manufacturing Sector: Few Avenues to Diversification


An agenda for National Dialogue 1996-2000


Arab Country Product Space Report Introduction and Methodology


Arab Uprisings and the Challenges of Change


Associational Life and Public Space in Beirut: Dialectics of Unity and Diversity


Civil Society in Beirut: A Working Report


Consolidating the Values of Integrity and Transparency in the Civil Service through Legislation


Constitutional Reform: Aspiring for Co-existence, Equality and Effective Governance


Development Priotities 1999


Egypt’s Manufacturing Sector: Seizing on an Advantageous Product Space Position


Entering a Grey Area: Lebanon's Economic Challenges in the Arab Spring


Institutional and Fiscal Review of the Municipal Sector in Lebanon


Iraq’s Manufacturing Sector: A Challenging Path to More Products


Jordan’s Manufacturing Sector: Edging into More Complex Products


Kuwait’s Manufacturing Sector: Targeting New Industries


Lebanon and Europe: Forging New Partnerships


Lebanon and the Middle East Peace Process


Lebanon’s Manufacturing Sector: Inaction and Untapped Potential


Leveraging Knowledge and Participation For Sustainable and Balanced Development: A Vision for Lebanon in the Next Decade


Libya’s Manufacturing Sector: Placing Strategic Bets to Become Competitive


Linking Economic Growth and Social Development (LEGSD)


Mapping Values in Lebanon


MDF3 - Voices for Change Partners for Prosperity


MDF4-Progress for All Visions for the Future


MDF5-Garantir le succes des reformes dans la region du moyen-orient et de l'afrique du nord


Participation and Development -Preparation for MDF3


Postwar Institutional Development in Lebanon: an Assessment for Foreign Assistance


Report of Meetings over Air Pollution in Lebanon: The Economic and Social Impact, and the Review and Amendment of Laws Concerning Air Quality


Report on the Needs for Housing and Urban Management Training Assistance in the South and the Shouf


Saudi Arabia’s Manufacturing Sector: Looking Beyond Petroleum


Situation Analysis of Women and Children in Lebanon


Strategic Options for the Agriculture and the Agri-Food Industry in a Dynamic Global Environment


Survey of Lebanese Companies to Assess the Impact of the Proposed EU-Lebanese Partnership Agreement, 1996.


Syria’s Manufacturing Sector: Pre-War Industrial Potential


The Assessment of Control Agencies in Fighting Corruption in Public Administration


The Distribution of Corruption in the Various Agencies in the Public Administration


The Hotel and Restaurant Industries in Lebanon


The Issue of the Health System in Lebanon


The Mobilization of Civil Society, the Increase of Consciousness and Awareness to Fight Corruption


The Repercussions of the Syrian Refugee Crisis on Lebanon: The Challenges of Providing Services and Creating Jobs


The Report of the Lebanese Organization for Democratic Elections about the 1996 Parliamentary Elections


The Role of Regional Administrations in the Context of Decentralization


Towards a Social and Human Sciences Strategy for the Arab States Region


Transparency and Accountability in the Provision of Public Services


Tunisia’s Manufacturing Sector: Machinery, Electronics, and Chemical Sector Potential


UAE’s Manufacturing Sector: Small Industry, Significant Potential


Vocational and Technical Training


Women's Participation in Public Life in Lebanon


Yemen’s Manufacturing Sector: Few Opportunities for Expansion


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