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2000| Ghaleb Abou Mosleh, Sami Atallah, Ahmad Baalbaki, Joey Ghaleb, Najib Issa, and Roger Melki
The Budget and Social Development in Lebanon
This book presents several studies undertaken by Lebanese economic researchers and focused on the social dimension of the budget, particularly on rural development and expenditure on the health sector and...

The Financing of the Public Debt Through the Banking Sector
A book assessing the impact of the public debt on the banking sector which was and still is the main creditor of the Lebanese government, making it a direct and...

2014| Sami Atallah, Karim Daher, Ghida Franjiyeh, Christelle El-Hajj, Nahawand El-Kaderi Issa, Lama Karameh, Elie Maalouf, Mounir Rach
Towards Achieving a Transparent and Accountable National Budget
The fact that Lebanon has not had a national budget since 2005 is only the tip of the iceberg of our public finance problems. The deeper challenge is that the...

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