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2002| Farid El-Khazen
Political Parties in Lebanon: The Limits of Democracy within the Parties
A study focusing on political parties in Lebanon that highlights the limits of democracy within their structure and organizational and political behavior. The book consists of five sections: the historical...

2006| Fares Abi Saab, Chawkat Echtay, Moussa Echtawi, Salah Salem Zarnouka, Fouad El-Salahi, Mohammad Malki, Abdelnabi El-Akri
Political Parties in The Arab World
Presents a critical review of the emergence of political parties in the Arab world. The book addresses partisan experiences in several countries using historical, legal, organizational, and philosophical approaches. It also discusses the subsequent challenges...

Returning to Political Parties? Partisan Logic and Political Transformation in the Arab World
A book addressing several prescient research questions: are Arab parties facing turmoil; are they paying the price of repression and limited pluralism; have they become obsolete in the face of...

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