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1997| Kamal Feghali
Displacement in Lebanon: A Strategy for Return and Development
A report on policy towards the displaced in Lebanon. It examines the status of the displaced after the war, reviews the effects of displacement on Lebanese society, and addresses the...

1997| David Mathews and Afif Talhouk (translator)
Politics for the People: the Search for a Responsible Popular Voice
A book that describes the process through which Americans become politically engaged, built civic communities, and generate political energy or public will. It presents the gap between the government and...

1999| Salpie Djoundourian, Iman Nouwayhid, Farid Chaaban
The Economic and Social Impacts of Mobile Source Pollution on Public Health in Greater Beirut Area
A study investigating the impacts of air pollution from mobile sources on public health in Beirut. The study addresses the magnitude of  air pollution in Beirut and its total annual...

The Labor Market and Labor Policy in Lebanon
Focuses on ways to improve employment and production in relation to the government’s social and economic policies. In order to decrease unemployment and address the uncertainties facing Lebanese labor following...

2006| Collective Work
The New Media and Sociopolitical Change in the Arab World
Addresses the link between new Arab media and social political change in the Arab world. The book examines the role of the new media in the democratization process as well...

1998| Issam al-Jurdi
The Partition of the Labor Union: April 24, 1997
Examines the controversial elections to the General Confederation of Lebanese Workers (GCLW) in April 1997. Marred by intervention from the government, the elections casted doubt upon the independence of labor....

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