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Lebanon and the Road Map Towards the World Trade Organization
A book evaluating Lebanon’s application to accede to the  WTO and providing a road map for how to complete the accession and membership process. The book addresses the expected repercussions...

2000| Fadi Ali Makki
Between GATT AND WTO: Deadlines for Lebanon
This book discusses the main principles and rules of the GATT agreements (1947-1995) and the WTO (after 1995). It reviews the integration of Lebanon into the GATT in 1947, its...

2002| Fares Abi Saab, Wassim Harb, Roger Melki, Dima Sader
Cultural Industries in Lebanon
A discussion examining the several cultural industries in Lebanon , especially the book, music, and cinema industries. The book measures their impact on and importance for the Lebanese economy, and...

1997| Wassim Shahin and Kamal Shehadi (eds)
Pathways to Integration: Lebanon and the Euro-Mediterranean Partnership
A collection of papers presented at a conference titled "Lebanon and EURO-Mediterranean Partnership", intended to inform decision making in Lebanon and clarify the challenges and opportunities of integration with Europe.

1997| Toufiq Jaber
The Agriculture Sector in Lebanon: Analysis and Prospects
A monograph that assesses the performance of the agriculture sector in Lebanon as well as government policies and initiatives geared towards improving and developing the agricultural sector.

2003| Fares Abi Saab, Fadia Al Amin, Rouhi Baalbaki, Fourat El-Achkar, Adnan Hammoud, Salim Nasr, Maude Stephan, and Nadim Tarazi
The Book Industry in Lebanon
A book following up on the discussion of a 2002 workshop titled "The Book Industry in Lebanon". This workshop aimed to better define and estimate the input of the book...

2000| Samira Atallah (ed)
The Euro-Mediterranean Partnership: Fiscal Challenges & Opportunities
This book focuses on the fiscal and socio-economic impact of adjustment measures that will be enacted as a result of the Association Agreement with Europe. It includes a collection of...

1996| Elie Yashouie
Towards an Industrial Strategy for Lebanon
Provides a detailed account of Lebanon’s industrial sector by examining the implications of having neither an official industrial policy nor a clear strategy for economic development. The book also outlines...

What Industrial policy for Lebanon? An Innovative Approach to the Role of the State in the Economy
A book focusing on practical policies geared towards building a productive economy in Lebanon, highlighting the role of the state and the nature of the liberal economic policies that should...

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