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An Introduction to the “Dialogue Encounters on National Issues”

Challenges of Consociational Democracy in Plural Societies: Iraq and Lebanon
A book compiling the papers which were presented at a conference in June 2006 discussing the linkages between pluralism, political systems, and consociationalism in Lebanon and Iraq. The authors focus...

Citizenship Issues in Lebanon: Dimensions and Current Challenges
A book  addressing the issue of citizenship in Lebanon through three axes: (1) the role of the sectarian system in hindering the establishment of citizenship in Lebanon and the ways to overcome this problem, (2)...

1995| Abdallah El-Khatib, Hussni Ayesh, Ali Mouhafza, Jihad El-Naboulsi, Nakhle Wehbe, Antoine Rahmeh, Jamila Khawaled, Raymond Fast,
Civic Education in the Arab World: Common Perspectives, Problems, and Potential Cooperation
Proceedings of a two-day conference on Civic Education in the Arab World organized jointly with the International Management and Training Institute and held in Lebanon on September 2-4, 1994.

1994| Lebanese Center for Policy Studies
The Citizen and Civic Education in Lebanon
As Lebanon's first postwar civic education textbook, this book promotes tolerance, dialogue, equality, justice, democracy, and human rights. It also discusses Lebanon’s role in both the Arab League and the...

The Citizen and Civic Education in Lebanon: A Teachers' Guide
New participatory and interactive teaching methods are necessary to engage a generation raised in an atmosphere of violence, intolerance, and corruption with a civics curriculum. With this in mind, LCPS...

2000| Mohamed Youssef Beydoun, Ahmad Beydoun, Farid El-Khazen, Nawaf Kabbara, Fares Sassine, Issam Sleiman, Sleiman Taqieddine, et al
The Document of National Accord: A Critical Review
This book a product of a conference initiated by the University of Balamand and organized by LCPS. The authors, who include researchers and politicians, present a variety of political experiences...

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