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A Social and Economic Program for Lebanon
A book addressing Lebanon’s political economy by describing the Lebanese political context in order to evaluate possible economic and social action plans and policies. The objectives of the book are...

1999| Nasser H. Saidi
Growth, Destruction and the Challenges of Reconstruction: Macroeconomic Essays on Lebanon
A collection of articles and essays on economic development in Lebanon during the years 1950 to 1998. The book presents the recent economic history of Lebanon, including periods of relative...

1998| Abdallah Dah, Hussein Hijazi
Income Distribution, Rate of Expenditure, and the Phenomenon of Poverty in Lebanon
Focuses on poverty in the wake of Lebanon’s civil war and its relation to income distribution and expenditures. The book also suggests specific social and economic policies that could potentially...

2003| Adnan Al Amin, Joey Ghaleb, Wassim Harb, Abdo Kaï, Abla Mahiou, Ibrahim Maroun, Roger Melki, Charbel Nahhas, Maral Toutenia
National Statistics and Development in Lebanon
A book presenting papers from a 2002 workshop titled "National Statistics and Development in Lebanon". The workshop contributed to an informed public debate that explored the main challenges in gathering...

2003| Georges Assaf, Abdel Fatah El-Jibali, Kamal Hamdan, Joey Ghaleb, Rida Maamari, Kamel Mohanna, Charbel Nahas
Poverty and Social Development in Lebanon
A book presented by a number of Lebanese social and economic researchers which aims to evaluate the phenomenon of poverty in Lebanon, poverty related post-war economic policies, and their effect...

State Building in Lebanon
A book addressing the dilemmas of state building in Lebanon, focusing on the issues of Lebanese sovereignty and rule of law. The author questions the economic choices of the Lebanese...

The State, Development and Administrative Reform in Lebanon
A book examining the most important crises experienced by the state and public administration in Lebanon. It tries to provide some answers regarding the manifestations of patronage and corruption, the political culture, and the cost incurred on the public sector, and...

1997| Naji Chamieh and Jihad Issa
Towards an Environmental Policy in Lebanon
A monograph on environmental policy in Lebanon that provides a description of the state of the environment in Lebanon and addresses and provides recommendations for interrelated environmental issues including government...

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