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Consociationalism and Sectarianism

January 01, 1996
Associational Life and Public Space in Beirut: Dialectics of Unity and Diversity

A project comprising of a study and presentation on civil society in four Mediterranean cities: Beirut, Istanbul, Amman, and Casablanca. The domestic element of the study explores the state of civil society in Lebanon today and aims find ways of strengthening and developing it while the regional aspect aims to find common strands of development in civil society  between the four cities as well as propose joint approaches and projects for development.
The study was presented at the U.N. World Habitat Conference in Istanbul where LCPS gave an overview of the situation of non-governmental organizations, unions, professional associations, family and neighborhood associations, political parties, cultural bodies, and sporting associations in Beirut. It analyzed the various types and categories of associations in Beirut, and prepared a historical chronology of their development and legal and political frameworks.
This project was organized with support from the Rockefeller Foundation and in cooperation with three other research centers in Amman, Casablanca, and Istanbul.

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