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Public Administration

January 01, 1997
Fighting Corruption in the Public Administration

This project consisted of the preparation of four studies related to corruption in the public administration. These four studies are:  Consolidating the Values of Integrity and Transparency in the Civil Service through Legislation by Dr. Fadi Moughaizal; “The Assessment of Control Agencies in Fighting Corruption in Public Administration” Dr. Assad Rahhal ; “The Distribution of Corruption in the Various Agencies in the Public Administration”, by Ms. Hala Homsi, Ms. Hiyam Qusayfi, and Mr. Charles Adwan;  and The Mobilization of Civil Society, the Increase of Consciousness and Awareness to Fight Corruption by Dr. Antoine Messara.  The studies formed the basis of review and recommendations for a two-day national conference and workshop focused on corruption in the public sector. LCPS intends for this project to be the starting point for much work on the topic of corruption, and is organizing a larger conference on the matter for next year. 
This project was commissioned by the Office of the Minister for Administrative Reform (OMSAR) and in cooperation with the World Bank, various ministries, and Transparency International, an NGO based in Berlin and specializing in combating corruption.

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