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Development and Growth

January 01, 1997
Mediterranean Development Forum (MDF)

This project aimed to disseminate knowledge, build skills, and foster networks within the development community in the Middle East and North Africa by launching the MDF in 1997. The forum was attended by 600 development practitioners and experts, and the theme was Knowledge and Skills for Development in the Information Age. The themes of forums in subsequent years included Participation and Development (1998) and Voices for Change, Partners for Prosperity (2000). LCPS led a delegation of 41 members consisting of scholars, academics, government officials, journalists, and entrepreneurs to the MDF in 1998, which featured five workshop themes:  globalization, economic development and poverty reduction, governance, human development, and public- private partnerships in the MENA regions. LCPS additionally developed and presented a workshop entitled "Governance: Efficiency and Participation" at this forum.

Planning, organization and research for the yearly MDF forums has been carried out in collaboration with the World Bank and ten other think tanks from the Arab world, Iran and Turkey. These institutes are: the Arab Planning Institute; Economic Institute of the World Bank; Economic Research Forum for the Arab Countries, Iran and Turkey;  Egyptian Center For Economic Studies; Institut Arabe des Chefs d'Entreprises, Tunisia; Jordan Economic Development Association; Maroc 2020; Palestinian Economists Association; Syrian Consulting Bureau for Development and Investment; and Turkish Economic and Social Studies Foundation.

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