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Petroleum, Electricity and Environment

January 01, 1996
Policy Paper on the Environment in Lebanon

A project involving  policy-oriented research on environment in Lebanon aiming to highlight problems of the environment and find long-term measures and policies that will resolve these issues. Elements of this research included a study led by two environmental experts, Drs. Naji Chamieh and Jihad Issa, and a conference discussing challenges facing the environment and  possible measures to solve them.  The conference was assembled around seventy representatives of local and international non-governmental organizations and experts. This project also produced a policy paper on Lebanese environmental issues that gives a brief description of the state of the environment and addresses  interrelated environmental issues including government policies and legislation, the role of the government and non-governmental institutions in developing and implementing policies, the current environmental laws and regulations, environmental management, and the financing of environmental projects. The paper provides recommendations and highlights the need for development and reform in the area of environmental policy and national environmental management and monitoring.
This project was conducted with support from the Netherlands Organizations for International Development (NOVIB).

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