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January 01, 2017
Voices of the Arab Youth: Challenges and Consequences of Exclusion

This project aims to break down the layers of youth disaffection beyond economics to truly understand their conditions in the current environment and why it seems to not be improving, as well as highlighting the consequences of continued exclusion. This project also aims to promote youth as agents of change and catalyze upon a neglected positive and often more progressive element of Arab societies, with their capacity to either enable stability or instability in the region.
- A quantitative survey of 1,200 youths in each Arab country to better understand their frustrations and aspirations
- Focus Groups on role models
- Workshops with Arab role models
- The establishment of a task force to develop policies for youth
- The development of a dissemination policy
- A conference on Arab youth
- Three policy memos, three policy briefs, and nine articles.
- A book on the project and its results.
In collaboration with professor Melani Cammett, Clarence Dillon Professor of International Affairs, Dept. of Government, Harvard University.
With the support of the International Development Research Centre (IDRC) 

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