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11 June, 2017
L'Orient le Jour
Près de la moitié des députés n’ont présenté aucune proposition de loi au cours des 8 dernières années
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10 May, 2017
ما هي الخطوط التي تنقسم على أساسها النخبة السياسيّة في لبنان؟
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07 May, 2017
فوضى تشريعية، انعدام الرقابة... ومال سائب
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Research projects

Confronting the Sectarian Myth
This project seeks to confront the dominant sectarian narrative in Lebanon and provide data and a model of analysis that is applicable to the broader...
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Voices of the Arab Youth: Challenges and Consequences of Exclusion
This project aims to break down the layers of youth disaffection beyond economics to truly understand their conditions in the current environment and why it...
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Launching a Homegrown Development Agenda to Address the Syrian Refugee Crisis
This project aims to formulate a homegrown plan to address the issues facing Syrian refugees and host communities. This includes identifying the key knowledge gaps...
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October 2014 / International Monetary Fund
Designing a Fiscal Framework for a Prospective Commodity Producer: Options for Lebanon
Lebanon is expected to have gas resources in its Mediterranean basin, and these could turn the country into a natural gas producer over the next...
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August 2014 / Brookings
Brookings Doha Energy Forum Report 2014
Major changes in geopolitics, political economy, and energy markets are altering the global energy landscape. A potential nuclear deal with Iran has raised the possibility...
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July 2014 / Brookings
Beyond Sectarianism: The New Middle East Cold War
From Syria and Iraq to Libya and Yemen, the Middle East is once again rife with conflict. Much of the fighting is along sectarian lines,...
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of Lebanese youth are satisfied with the way democracy is exercised in Lebanon


of Lebanese youth have confidence in the Lebanese parliament


of Lebanese youth feel that the job market in Lebanon provides equal opportunities for all candidates


of students from private universities perceive that an MP should provide personal services, as opposed to 6% of students from public universities


of students from a middle income family agree that the role of an MP is to provide personal services, as opposed to 8% of those coming from low income families

Featured Analysis


September 2016
Fundamentals of Oil and Gas Governance
by the MENA Natural Resource Governance Hub
The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI) and the Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS) have teamed up to establish...
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October 2015
Governance and Transparency in the Oil and Gas Sector
The Lebanese Center for Policy Studies (LCPS), in collaboration with the Lebanese Petroleum Administration (LPA), held a closed roundtable on governance and transparency in the oil and gas sector. The...
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September 2015
Political and Economic Impacts of Lower Oil Prices on the Middle East
The conference will address the political and economic impacts of the new oil price dynamics on the Middle East as well as how to reduce these countries’ vulnerabilities to oil...
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