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December 2014| Sami Atallah, Ilina Srour
Lebanon's Industrial Policy Must Focus on Developing Highly Sophisticated Exports
Despite the secondary role the industrial sector plays in the national economy, Lebanese...

July 2014| Sami Atallah, Raneem Baassiri andJana Harb
Municipal finance must be reformed to address Lebanon’s socio-economic crisis
Without any further delay, the Lebanese government must rise up to the challenges of an unprecedented humanitarian crisis. The substantial population shock resulting from the massive influx of Syrian refugees...

May 2014| Mona Harb, Sami Atallah
Decentralization in the Arab World Must be Strengthened to Provide Better Services
Decentralization is a key pillar for consolidating democracy, improving local political participation and ensuring better service delivery. The state of decentralization in the Arab World falls well behind other regions....

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